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A Guide to Patient Safety for Patients and their Families


Patient safety is important

ThinkSAFE to help improve the safety of patients in hospital.


Why ThinkSAFE?

Over a million people are treated successfully each day in the NHS, but hospitals are complex places and sometimes things still do go wrong. 

Patients and families can help to improve patient safety, but often don’t know how. ThinkSAFE provides patients, families and carers, with the knowledge, skills and opportunity to play a role in keeping patients safe.

What is ThinkSAFE?

ThinkSAFE offers a range of tips and tools designed to support the sharing of information between patients, their families and healthcare staff during a stay in hospital.

These tools - including the ThinkSAFE Healthcare Logbook and mobile phone App - are available free to download to members of the public and healthcare organisations. 

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