ThinkSAFE resources

Patient Safety support for patients, families and carers.

ThinkSAFE has a number of resources to help patients, families and carers take an active role in improving the safety of patients in hospital.  These include: 

The ThinkSAFE Video: ‘A Patient Safety Guide for Patients and their Families’

This video provides guidance about a number of important things that people – patients, families and carers - can do to help healthcare staff keep patients safe during a stay in hospital. These include things to do before a planned stay in hospital; things to do when a patient is admitted hospital; things to do during the patient's stay in hospital; and things to do before a patient leaves hospital. You can watch the ThinkSAFE video here.

A personal, patient-held ‘Healthcare Logbook’

Research shows that patients who are more involved in, and informed about, their care can experience more satisfying and safer healthcare.  The ThinkSAFE Healthcare Logbook provides people with somewhere to create and maintain a personal record of their healthcare. The Logbook has four sections that aim to encourage and support the two-way sharing of information between patients and the doctors, nurses and other healhcare staff providing their care.  This will help the patient, and those close to them, to be more informed about their care and what is happening to them, whilst also making sure that staff have the information they need to help them keep that patient safe.

The Logbook is available in two formats:
  • Hardcopy: The contents of the ThinkSAFE Healthcare Logbook are freely available to download and print.  The pages in the download document are arranged such that once printed the pages can be folded to create an A5 booklet or, they can be hole-punched to  fit any 2-ring, A5 folder.

  • Mobile phone App: The complete Logbook has been developed as an Android or Apple App and is free to download from the App Store for use on mobile phones.  The App contains the same sections and tools as the printed version but also includes a function that allows you to send selected information - like a list of questions, or a list of your medication - via email to anyone you wish to share that information with.

A Patient Safety Pamphlet and Tip Sheet

This ThinkSAFE resource provides safety guidance in the form of a series of tips and forms of words that people might use to ask questions about their condition, what is happening to them, or what choices they have about their care and treatment.

A Question Note Pad & a pocket-sized Question List leaflet

It is often helpful to write down the questions you want to ask. These ThinkSAFE resources provide a simple template for doing this.  Suggestions are provided about the types of questions you might ask so that you are more informed about your care and treatment. 

A Medications List Template

Having a correct record of the medications that you take at home is very important information that hospital staff need to know about.  Many people already keep a medications list.   This ThinkSAFE resource provides a simple template for creating a list as well as providing guidance about how to document any changes made to your medications by hospital doctors.

Information Checklists to use on Admission and Discharge to hospital

Sharing important information at admission and discharge to hospital will help you to know what to expect during your stay and following your discharge, and will help staff to know about you, your needs and your preferences. When we are ill we often don't feel quite ourselves.  The ThinkSAFE Information Checklists will help you remember what to ask at a time when you may be more forgetful than usual.      

See our patient safety  'Tip & Tools' page for these and other ThinkSAFE resources for patients, families and carers.

Be safety savvy and find out what you can do to help improve patient safety!