Whose leg is it anyway?

Our work has demonstrated that patient safety and effective care depends upon the right sort of interactions and conversations between patients and their clinicians. 'Whose Leg is it Anyway' is a series of surreal sketches that illustrate the challenges of creating those effective interactions.  The sketches are free to view via the links below along with teaching resources to support learning for all those interested in patient safety including patients, clinicians, health care students and managers.

 Whose Leg Is It Anyway?

This link plays the full video that includes all nine sketches. The training resource to support the use of this video in the teaching and training of health care professionals can be downloaded free of charge here.  




The sketches are also available as individual video clips.  Click on the the sketch title below to access the related video.

         The Grim Reaper

         Patient Safety


         Enjoy The Ride

         Keeping Patient Informed

         Whose Leg ... ?

         Can't Be Too Careful

         Doctor Knows Best

         How To Complain






'Whose Leg is it Anyway' has been made possible by a collaboration between Operating Theatre and Newcastle University, with funding from the University's Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) Engage.