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Tips & Tools to help keep patients safe in hospital

All the ThinkSAFETM tools and resources below are freely available to download.  Each resource can be used individually - for example there is a version of the medications checklist that can be folded and stored in your purse or pocket - or you can download several individual resources to create your own, personalised Healthcare Logbook.

A description of the ThinkSAFETM resources can be found here. 

How to build your ThinkSAFETM Healthcare Logbook

1. Download the ThinkSAFETMApp:  The App is free and once downloaded you can add whatever information about yourself and your health care that you wish to include.  This could include both current and past medical history, as well as information about things that are important to you as a person, like your interests, preferences and needs - things that you would like people taking care of you to know about.  The App includes interactive features that also enable you to share selected information or questions etc with people of your choice - an example might be a list of questions that you would like to ask your doctor or that you would like a relative or other advocate to ask on your behalf. 

2. Download and print off paper copies of the full contents of the logbook: Pages can be printed off, double-sided on A4 size paper, on any printer, and then folded ready to add to any available A5 ring-binder folder.  Add information about you, your health care and your preferences as above.

3. Download and print off a selection of resources to create a more personalised logbook: Individuals have different needs and preferences and you may feel that some of the logbook sections or contents are not relevant to you. That is perfectly fine as we know that 'one-size does not fit all'!  To create your own personalised Healthcare Logbook simply print off the sections you want to include and then fold them to fit into an A5 size ring-binder folder of your choice.

Your feedback on the use of these ThinkSAFETM resources is extremely valuable to us and we would really like to hear about your experience of using them.  This will help us to improve and further develop the 'tips and tools' available on this page, and to make sure that the resources we provide are grounded in patient and public experience and need. 

Please feel free to contact us to tell us about how you have used any of the ThinkSAFETMresources, including how you may have adapted them, or with any comments or queries you may have at:   

Latest Downloads

ThinkSAFE Logbook contents full - A5 Folder or Soft Booklet

This pdf file contains the full contents of the ThinkSAFE Logbook. The Logbook has four sections: Information about you; How you can help enhance your safety in hospital, Information and notes about your care; Other useful information for patients and families. The Logbook also includes a number of useful tools, tips and prompts to help you and the healthcare staff caring for you to share information. This will help you to be involved and informed about your care and treatment. The pages are ordered so that when they are printed double sided they create an A5 booklet. Once printed, the pages can be folded and then either stapled down the fold to create a soft cover booklet, or hole-punched to fit inside an A5 ring-binder folder. If you don't wish or need to use the full Logbook you may still find some of the ThinkSAFE tools, tips and prompts useful when visiting your GP, hospital or other healthcare professional. These can be downloaded separately below.  


ThinkSAFE Question List & Notes sheet

People can find it helpful to write down questions they have for healthcare professionals. This helps us to remember important things that we can easily forget to ask about when in hospital or once in a consultation with a doctor for example. If you don't wish or need to use the full Logbook you may still find the ThinkSAFE Question List useful when visiting your GP, hospital or other healthcare professional. The Question & Notes sheet has been designed to be printed double sided and then folded to create a pocket-sized document.  


ThinkSAFE Medications List

The ThinkSAFE medications list was developed in collaboration with clinical pharmacists at Northumbria and City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trusts. You can use this list to make sure that every healthcare professional you have contact with has an up to date list of all the medications you take. The list has been designed to be printed doubled sided and then folded into a pocket-sized document.  


ThinkSAFE Mobile App - iOS & Adroid versions available

The ThinkSAFE Healthcare Logbook is also available as an App that is free to download from the App Store. Please use the links on the Home page to connect directly to the appropriate App Store. The downloadable image on this page gives you a brief 'tour' of the content of the App. The App includes a feature that enables you to email questions lists, your medication list or your notes to anyone you wish to share that information with - directly from the App.  


ThinkSAFE Information Checklists - Admission & Discharge

Sharing important information at admission and discharge to hospital will help you to know what to expect during your stay and following your discharge, and will help staff to know about you, your needs and your preferences. When we are ill we often don't feel quite ourselves. The ThinkSAFE Information Checklists will help you remember what to ask at a time when you may be more forgetful than usual. 


ThinkSAFE Patient Safety Guide Pamphlet

The ThinkSAFE Patient Safety Guide pamphlet provides patients and their families with detailed guidance and tips about how they can help keep patients safe in hospital. The pamphlet is designed to be printed double-sided and folded to create an A5 booklet that can then be stapled down the fold. 


ThinkSAFE Table Top Care Calendar

The ThinkSAFE Table Top Care Calendar has been designed to be printed double-sided then folded to create an A5 week to view calendar. The folded calendar can be stood on a table top or bedside cabinet to help you to keep track of what to expect each day when you are in hospital.  


'Whose Leg is it Anyway' teaching and learning resource

This resource is intended to support the use of the 'Whose Leg is it Anyway?' sketches for learning and teaching purposes. The sketches could be used with a variety of participants, including lay people, practitioners and HCPs in training, and in a number of different ways. For each of the sketches a brief resume is provided, along with a series of bullet-pointed questions to promote reflection and discussion.